History Vs Hollywood-Robin Hood Prince of the Thieves

Have any of you sat down and watched Robin Hood Prince of Thieves? Some of you may think it was one of the greatest films of all times, others may have good taste in movies and think it was pretty good…….it had Brian Blessed in…..nothing he has done is bad.

I have seen the film about three times and think it is a pretty fun film. What we will be focusing on is the fun that. Remember this is a film from the 90’s so lets stay away from some of the over the top aspects of the film or Kevin Costner’s lack of an attempt at the English accent.

It could be worse, we could have Russell Crowe attempting every English and Irish accent ever.

So what is it that stands out for me that really bugs me about this film apart from the American accents and bad acting.

Remember folks this film is based in 1194

1, First of all the film begins how it goes on. We see in the title sequence that Richard the Lionheart was leading the third crusades to reclaim the Holy land from the Turks………oops.The Holy land was actually under the control of the Saracens by then. The Turks left a whole century before.

2, Was the film produced by the English tourist board? We see our hero arrive on the white cliffs over Dover. If you look closely though….is that a lighthouse we see? On the furthest Sister we see the Belle Tout. Need us say this is out of place and out of time. 1832 to be precise.

3, “Tonight we will dine with my father” Ok Robin, do not get carried away but  East Sussex (Home of the White Cliffs) and Nottingham are over 200 miles apart. If he is actually going to Loxley then that is another 50 miles. Good luck with that one Robin.

3.1, If you are going to try and get home for dinner before it gets dark…maybe Robin should not have taken the more scenic route. We see Robin walking along Hadrians Wall on the way back.

4, Is that a telescope being used by Morgan Freemans mysterious character Azeem? Maybe he should speak to the mystic with the Sheriff of Nottingham about the future because we didn’t see technology like this until the 17th Century.

5, Well he must have some knowledge of the future because Azeem is at it once again. Black powder (Gunpowder) is mustered up nearly a hundred years before it was invented.

6, Who knows the song, Pop goes the weasel? It was a classic dance tune from 1853. Will Scarlett (Who we do not know is Robins brother even though there accents are kind of similar) sings the tune of this when he first traps our fearless hero.

7, It is not just history the film is inaccurate about. Check out Azeems prayer ritual. If you know it you will see it.

8, Azeem may not even be a Muslim, when he asks (Moe like demands) Robin tell him which way is East, East is not where he wants to pray towards, it is towards Mecca. In England this will be the South East. Maybe that is a bit picky but hey ho.

9, How good of a thief was Robin? Damn it, he was the Prince of thieves. His impressive stealing is noted when the Sheriff asks how much Robin has stolen. We reckon he’s nicked three to four million in the last five months, sire.”………..holy moly guys. England had about £25,000 at this time. Robin had stolen more than the country had. If he was stealing now he would have stolen £250 billion. Enjoy living in the woods?

10,  Scottish Celts in the film? Maybe about 10 centuries out of place. Maybe it was dress like a Pict day at work or something.

To summarise, this film really was not intended for consumption in the classroom. All we do know is that Alan Rickman owned the part of the Sheriff of Nottingham and his performance is the best villain performance since seeing him in Die Hard

Remember this is just for fun and you should not take any of this too seriously.

I would also like to a acknowledge the king of film knowledge IMDB. Most of all I would like to thank my own eyes for sitting through the film. Remember this film also spawned that Brian Adams song.

If you have any goofs to add please feel free to add them below.

“Locksley. I’ll cut your heart out with a spoon”



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