Got mead? :)

Mead is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages in history.  As someone who has never made my own alcohol before, it got me thinking. How did people create this Honey Wine over 40,000 years ago without all the equipment we have today. Of course my god friend google had some great answers for me. I have found an easy mead recipe which only requires

1, 4 litres of water*

2, 3 pounds of honey

3, Balloons

4, 1 packet of Yeast**

5, 15 raisins

6,1 orange


*I will be buying water from the supermarket instead of using tap water. This way I get bottles as well

**I am going to buy some easy bake yeast from a supermarket. The point of this is to create mead easily.


Got mead


So here we go-

  1. Clean everything. Sanitise…clean. Just do it.
  2. Sit your honey (Still in its container) in hot water for 15 minutes.
  3. Pour out half of the water and keep it separated in a jug or bowl.
  4. Put the honey in the bottle of water.
  5. Add some raisins Maybe about 15, also some of the orange segments. (I will put them all in.)
  6. Add the yeast
  7. Put the lid on the bottle and shake very very well
  8. Take the lid off and add some of the water you put to the side. Leave about an inch or two at the top of the bottle.
  9. Put the lid on and shake again.
  10. Now put a small pin-size hole in the balloon. This is to let the Carbon Dioxide out.
  11. Take the lid off the bottle and put the balloon over the top.
  12. Place in a cool dry place.
  13. Within 24 hours bubbles should start appearing around the top.
  14. The balloon should be firm but not inflate.
  15. If it does start to inflate, put another whole into it.
  16. 7-10 days there should not be any more bubbles.
  17. Once all the bubbles are gone. (Leave it a bit longer if there is) move all the liquid to another bottle. Leave all the raisins and any other junk behind.
  18. Then you wait……
  19. And wait…..
  20. And wait………leave for about 3-6 months in a cool dark place
  21. BOOM!!!! You have some drinkable mead.


If this goes horribly wrong and taste like………well anything horrible…….I only take 60% of the reasonability.


Good luck and enjoy.


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