History vs Hollywood-Episode 2- Braveheart


Welcome to part two of History Vs Hollywood. With a great response from our review of Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, we are moving north of the border to tackle Braveheart.


This is not about just pointing out the inaccuracies of the film, this is about the real facts behind them. Without the Hollywood interpretation, historical films could be quite dull….not all of them.


So we carry on the theme of terrible accents, from Kevin Costner to Mel Gibson.


In this film we see William Wallace, portrayed by Mel Gibson, leading the fight for Scottish Independence against the English.

Please remember, this film is based from 1280. Here are 10 of our favourites.

1, This is a biggy as it is the whole plot of the film. “We can have what we never had before, a country of our own.” Says William Wallace to his brother at the battle of Falkirk. Maybe he is younger than he looks. England only incorporated Scotland into its kingdom the year before, due to the death of King Alexander III.


2, We will stay away from any legalities of this point but Isabella of France and her affair with William Wallace. Isabella of France was only three at the time of the battle of Falkirk so there was no affair with Wallace.

2.1 William Wallace is not the father of Edward III from the said affair.

2.2 Isabella of France was still living in France at this time.

2.3 She did not marry Edward II until he was king in 1307. They married in January 1308.

2.4 Shut up Hollywood, you did not even try on this one.


3,The evil and cruel King Edward I? Edward enjoyed poetry and music who was a religious man who gave fondly to charity. He would not have scoffed at Isabella for giving gold to the poor…but then again, I was not there.


4, Whats with the red face Wallace? Is that Tomato? That’s strange. We see tomatoes being thrown at William Wallace by the English, Tomatoes were not introduced into Europe until the 16th Century.


5, The royal ensign was a rose at the time of the Tudors. During his torture, William Wallace is asked to kiss the royal ensign which is a rose not the Fleur de Lys which a Plantagenet King like Edward actually had.

6, When the Scottish are attending to Campbell’s arrow wound using a jug of spirit, someone complains at it being a waste of ‘good whiskey’. Maybe it would have been if it had been invented. He must have been on something as Whiskey was created 200 years later.

7, During the battle scenes we do see many of the extras wearing trainers. Nike was not around for another 20 years………April Fools…..obviously.

8, Good old Irish, we see an Irish soldier switch sides from the English to the Scottish. In reality there were Welsh troops but no Irish armies during the Battle of Falkirk.

9, As I said, this film was set in 1280, the King they refer to who died without an heir, Alexander from point number 1, he died in 1286…..oops.



This film really did not care for history and there are many more notable errors. We have seen that sometimes Hollywood don’t just make mistakes, they change history to make a film. All in good fun.


If you would like to add any mistakes, please feel free.


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