If Historical figures had their own musical theatre song…

So here at Hashtag History, we have a bit of a soft spot for musicals. We’ve been thinking of what musical theatre song would fit a number of historical figures. And yes we do know that there’s been many musicals about Historical people, just go with it!

Richard III- Who am I? from Les Miserables


Richard the Third has been in the press loads lately, with the reburial and all. There’s been multiple documentaries about the king and his life. But still no true conclusion on the man himself. We thought this song fitted him, (with a few words changed here and there), as who was Richard III? Did he kill his Nephews? How much of a hunchback did he have? And is it right wheres he’s been buried? So many unanswered questions…

Anne of Cleves- ‘There’s a fine fine line’ from Avenue Q?

anne of cleves

Anne of Cleves was Henry VIII’s fourth wife, who famously had a face that didn’t quite live up to her paintings, (think of it as those online dating photos were the persons photo is actually them from about ten years ago!). We thought this song totally fitted Anne, as she married Henry VIII, expecting a little romance, and only got friendship(ish).

Yuri Gagarin- Defying Gravity from Wicked


Yuri Gagarin was a Russian Cosmonaut, he was the first man to enter into space in 1961. This song is perfect for him, bar a few phrases changing here and there. He did indeed defy gravity. (see what we did there!)

Franklin Roosevelt- Tomorrow from Annie.


The man or should we say President, responsible for helping America to recover from the Great Depression. This song is perfect for the President, hoping (and working towards), ‘The sun coming out tomorrow’. And it worked! We know this is a slight cheat, as Roosevelt was a character in the actual musical of Annie, singing this song with Annie. But if we can look past that, we think you can too!

King Arthur- I will Survive from Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

king arthur

King Arthur ended up having his heart broken by his wife Guinevere and his friend Lancelot. This song is the perfect break up and survival song, just the thing we think Arthur would have needed!

If you were going to steal a song to fit a historical figure, what would it be?


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